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Katie Wilson received her degree in fine art at the University of NH and worked as a graphic designer for a number of years while she continued her studies in painting.
Her mixed media paintings have an abstract quality which is partly achieved by her bold brushwork that retains a certain softness and through the collage lending itself to make abstract passages in the paintings. Katie’s choice of palette tends to give her work an atmospheric and serene feel. Her figurative work and soulful portraits blending the old with the new may hint at some emotional tension and have been described as solemn, wistful and haunting.
“Working with collage pushes me to be more innovative. It allows me to put down color, pattern and texture where I wouldn't have otherwise with any other medium. I am intrigued by the imagined drama or peace of a past moment. My desire is to translate that moment through my own interpretation of the subject’s inner being by creating the drama and mood with color, texture and facial expression.”
Katie started showing her work in 2011 in the northeast and 2012 on west coast Florida. She has received awards for her mixed media work and was one of those featured to represent one of the top ranking Fine Art and Design Shows in the New York Metropolitan area. She tries to paint full time in her studio in Rockport, ME.